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Corn Maze


The 2022 Cornfield Maze is ready!!

For 2022, our 10 acre Cornfield Maze is going with a traditional Halloween Witch theme. This could be our best maze yet! Visit our Maze and find out getting lost with family and friends means finding fun and making memories! Be prepared to get lost on a fantastic adventure.


------ Maze History ------

Mazes date back at least 4000 years to the time of Greek myths. In Roman times, mazes and labyrinths were found in artwork, in the design of floors in homes, public buildings and in the pavement of streets. It is believed that mazes were not considered puzzles, but were used for rituals and processions. In the nineteenth century mazes became a popular entertainment in parks and other public places.

Since the 1970's, navigating through an intricate maze has become a popular form of recreation. So go ahead, come visit us and BE AMAZED!

See Pricing and Activities page for details. Please note the daytime corn maze entrance closes at 4:15pm.


* Children under 12 not admitted without an adult

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